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Example of a responsive Zen Cart template on three different devices also a screenshot of the Zenofobe software A screenshot of the Zenofobe software also an example of a responsive Zen Cart template on three different devices

Design your own Zen Cart shopping site

Visual template editor for Zen Cart developers

Ten Free Responsive Zen Cart Templates

Zen Cart is an e-commerce shopping cart platform, the most powerful and popular open source software for online store development on the internet.
The Zen Cart package is easy to install and is absolutely free giving you full control of your own site without the burden of contracts and monthly fees, and because it is open source you are able to change and develop the software.
Customization of a Zen Cart shopping site is achieved by the installation of a template override.
There are many free and commercial templates available but they will require some modification to suit your own requirements and will never be unique to your business.
Desiging your own template is obviously the best solution, however this requires a level of computer skills that is probably beyond the scope of most store owners.

Zenofobe is a Windows© application that enables less experienced developers to easily create Zen Cart templates on a desktop computer by eliminating the need to execute PHP scripts on a remote server.
A unique visual interface enables you to experiment with colors, gradients, shadows, radius and images and view modifications immediately in the browser as a 'Virtual Shop'.
The software is packed with numerous features to facilitate the production of professional designs in super fast time.
Complete the entire design process on your hard drive without the need to edit or upload any files to your website!

Speed and ease of design
  • Copy and modify existing templates or create your own new projects from scratch.
  • Easily install and customize an array of modules such as Nivo Slider, Mega Menu and PhotoSwipe.
  • Create your own database of CSS buttons and select to install.
  • Introduce Google Fonts and Font Awesome icons simply and quickly.
  • Change your logo and place images into your design by navigating to a file and selecting.
  • Use the mobile device emulator to view your responsive templates in any screen size.
  • Automatically create a complete exportable template during the design process.
  • Zip up and monetize the finished projects or upload directly to your site using Core FTP.
Optional Modules
  • Mega Menu
  • Nivo Slider
  • CSS buttons
  • Footer menu
  • Easy Tabs
  • Tab Menu
  • Add This
  • Google Fonts
  • Font Awesome
  • Zen Colorbox
  • Elevate Zoom
  • Photo Swipe

Experienced Zen Cart developers
The application is an integrated template design and business administration tool, it organises your Zen Cart templates into a relational database linked to a client database containing FTP details, address, email, telephone, fees and links to shop admin and shop front.
The software integrates seamlessly with Core FTP client so you can immediately upload to your server on completion of the project.

  • Template database (10 free templates)
  • CSS buttons database
  • Image buttons database
  • Client products database
  • Client database including FTP upload
  • Virtual Shop
  • Visual Stylesheet
  • CSS rules libraries
  • Mobile device emulator
  • Integrated help menu

The Zenofobe software is available for an annual subscription fee of 25 GBP

Download a 7 day free trial and get ten Zen Cart templates for free!

A Windows© application - Free 7 day trial
Includes 10 free Zen Cart templates
Version : 1.21
   Release date : 2018-01-07
         Category : e-commerce
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System requirements

Operating system - 
Screen resolution - 
Disc space - 
Windows 7 (or later)
1920 x 1080
82 mb
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Virtual Shop is a series of html pages that represent the output of the Zen Cart php scripts. This enables the user to edit the CSS and view the shop design immediately in the default browser. Most pages are linked as they would be in a real shop so you can navigate around your store as you would online. Zenofobe enables you to insert nine of your clients products into the shop to give further inspiration to the design process. You can create your own database of products and place them in your store by simply selecting a different theme.

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